eBay chairs "won" now to sort out collection from Norwich

We bought a metal table a while back on eBay and hadn't been able to find a colour I approved of. Or one that wasn't Hammerite that I'd let MOH buy. Recently I discovered that Farrow & Ball do an outside wood and metal paint, so now there should be no excuse about only having a limited palette to choose from. 

The colours in the running are these:

So I thought while we're at it we might as well have some chairs to paint too. So we bid on these and won, two chairs for under twenty quid, so we can't complain:

The only thing is these are in Norwich. I've persuaded my parents to collect them for me, they live in Hunstanton so they are fairly close. It does add a level of complexity to the negotiations but I'm sure worth it. 

I am still on the look out for a couple more chairs, which will be hopefully a bit closer! I've promised that if I have the metal chairs to go with the table I'll get rid of the four older wooden chairs I had in my previous house. I don't need them to match but I know when we get to that bit MOH will be twitchy about the mix and match approach.