Fancy dusters

This weekend saw a rare occurrence. That was me, duster in hand doing cleaning alongside MOH. Usually he'll tackle it on his own but there was so much dust about that I couldn't let that happen. Even I couldn't. 

I did need to get some implements though, and these fab, funky dusters were just the thing.  Both of the dusters are dusted out so as soon as we get water I'll be testing their wash-ability too. 

We've had a fairly normal-ish weekend which is just what we needed. A relaxing Saturday morning, shops and chores then a fab meal out at Jamie's in Greenwich (it's opened where Bar de Musee used to be and is still as big!), then some gardening this afternoon followed by what is becoming the norm, BBQ and relaxing on sun loungers. Oh, and Lewis won the Grand Prix!  Blissful.