I'm not sure I was ready for this...

I got home around 8:30pm Wednesday evening, knowing the kitchen had been removed. Not sure if I'd be able to get to the microwave and not fancying firing up the barbecue I brought in a takeaway curry. However, this is the sight that greeted me:

And the worst bit, the conservatory:

This was supposed to be the downstairs room that retained at least a bit of space. And is where we are storing all the crockery and cutlery we wanted to be able to use!  There was only one thing for it, it had to be moved so I could eat, so move it I did. Most of it was ok but some bits were really heavy and took some effort to move. Although this photo is blurred, you can see I'd made better use of the space!

And more importantly I could get back into the conservatory for a spoon!