It's been a long and tortuous week...

...with many tradesmen in our house and with moving our stuff around to keep up with them. 

Yesterday saw a couple of "site" meetings (it's not a "site" it's still my house which we're trying to live in!!) with both the decorating company and kitchen company. One called at our request to discuss the lack of care being taken with the work, the other as part of the pre-agreed schedule. So with 7:30am and 8:30am meetings, it felt like being at work with back-to-back meetings!  

Both were reassuring but one company is still being watched closely as there's a nervousness around their work (and for the record it's not the kitchen company!) it does mean I have stored up a number of posts which I'll publish after this one. 

MOH was out after work last night, just for the ubiquitous "one" so blowing out pizza delivery night. Pizza turned into the promise of a kebab (romance isn't dead!) - although i only wanted some houmous - and then Chinese as that was closest to the bus stop. Only thing was, by now it was 23:30 and I'd gone to bed. So I was woken up to a plate of special chow mein, curry sauce and salt and chilli ribs. Not quite what I needed!