It's Friday, that means take two for the gas man

It's gone 9am, the time he said he'd start but things are looking promising as he's just phoned to say he'll be there in an hour, we'll see. He is aware that today is the last time they will be able to do work without the work top fitted, so he knows it makes sense. 

The kitchen fitters have been and gone and now we have a working oven. Woohoo!!  They were an unexpected bonus, as we weren't sure when they would be back. I spoke to the kitchen office yesterday for them to sort out some of the re-planned timings, but it seems they hadn't made contact with him before he got here so he's done what he can and will try and fit connecting the hob and water when he can and around other jobs. Can't ask for any more than that.

Today's other challenge is balancing the work top installation with the gas work. Oh and do some actual work!  Off to crack on on the latter...