Kitchen progress

The new kitchen arrived first thing Monday morning:

We couldn't move though as the old kitchen had yet to be collected. Luckily the kitchen fitters did arrive so they were able to rescue our tap from the old sink. Good news as we're re-using it!

By Monday afternoon the kitchen was starting to take shape:

Although I did say to the kitchen fitter at one point that I wasn't sure about the change to the design, and wasn't sure if the arrows improved it or not...

This is the new freezer, we think the ice cream maker would fit in the bottom drawer (assuming there is space!) so that's good too, although I use it far less than I used to:

They were back again on Tuesday and everything is in place waiting for the work top to be templated. There are a couple of issues with the pan drawer sized cutlery drawer, the shelves that are built for storage not display which means there's no light on the sink and the bare brickwork in one place where the glass splash back is due to go. 

Following the first fix sign off on Thursday I'm confident these and the smaller snags will be resolved. There's a damaged panel and one that is the wrong size and these are already on order. I'm way more confident with this company, than the decorators I'm afraid.