My T3 and T4 have stayed in the normal range...

...that's basically good news!  These are the levels they've been monitoring to get my overactive thyroid back on track. So it looks like we are now consistently moving in the right direction.  The next blood test is scheduled for the end of this month. That's the longest period without a blood test for a while. Yippee! 

The downside is that as my thyroxine levels stabilise the weight is going (back) on. 


Definitely Boo! 

So, tomorrow sees the first fast day of the 5:2 diet which both MOH and I are doing. This evening I've managed to get him up and working with the android MyFitnessPal app (I'm an Apple girl through and through) so he can manage the calories I haven't "spent" for him (on tomorrow night's evening meal, not me) himself.  

That seems only fair when he has more than me each day and I normally wouldn't dictate what he has for his breakfast or lunch. 

Wish us luck!