Norfolk: Hunstanton in Bloom

This morning's appointment was at 11:08am down in the gardens by the seafront. That's when the Hunstanton in Bloom judges would be passing the garden my dad volunteers to weed. It was looking good, they all were: 

It's clearly serious business as some last minute weeding was taking place, meanwhile my dad was hobnobbing with the Mayor, who'd worn an appropriately "in bloom" jacket:

Then it was time for photos, the group are councillors, judges and weeders:

All this excitement lasted about fifteen minutes so we wandered over the green, past a Romany selling pegs and walking sticks:

Admiring those braving the sea, and these two that were paddling standing up on their surf boards:

They weren't really getting anywhere fast, so I'm not convinced it's a new extreme sport:

After all this fun, it was time for an ice cream: