Oh boy! This weekend's To Do list is growing

In no particular order;

1. Gardener is returning to put up two 5ft x 6ft trellis panels. The once clear ground has now grown again and needs to be cleared by 10:30(ish) Saturday morning. (Done)

2. Buy boxes (as easier and quicker than trawling the local supermarkets) from the Big Yellow storage place on the Westbourne Avenue.  (Done)

3.  Fill said boxes with food and kitchen wear and find somewhere out of the way to store them and the display cabinet. But still have a usable(ish) supply of food and crockery.  The kitchen removal is starting Tuesday afternoon. 

4. Get two 2/3rds full freezers into one freezer. This will need a ruthlessness I'm not sure I have. The freezers may be more than 2/3rds full...

5. Empty and dismantle sold wardrobes for a 1pm Saturday collection. Find temporary storage for clothes...  (Done)

6. Pick up Gumtree clothes rail from South Norwood hopefully after 8:30pm Sunday evening. If not Monday evening. 

7. Pick up wallpaper from Farrow & Ball which is now ready for collection.  (Done)

8. Get the study and spare bedroom clear enough for the decorators to start work in there Monday/next week. 

9. All the usual weekend tasks like shopping, washing, eating, sleeping but maybe not cleaning!  (Mostly Done)

10. Stop ignoring the plants and seedlings in the greenhouse and vegetable beds. If they have been persistent enough to grow we need to reward this somehow, however minimalist!

Oh! And pretend it's not the hottest weekend of the year so far!! 

Update: And keep an eye on the Lions score and Andy Murray's progress at Wimbledon! Argh! And the German Grand Prix!