Remembering Aida!

I saw this in Hunstanton's local material barn and it made me smile. 

I haven't seen this type of Aida fabric for many, many years. 

I suspect most of us who grew up in the seventies (or maybe even later) have memories of this. 

Spending time creating the perfect sampler, for it later to be used as some sort of mat or pinned onto the wall.  But always admired.

And I bet our mums still have some examples of our handiwork.

I know mine will.  Somewhere. 

I've noticed other examples of my early embroidery work appearing again too in my parents house.  This dressing table set (which now seems terribly old fashioned) has appeared in "my" bedroom there. It looked familiar but I couldn't be sure I'd done it as, well to be honest, it looked too neat!

When I say "my" bedroom, it feels a little odd to have been allocated a bedroom in a house I've never lived in. The room is really my parents guest room but we all refer to it as my bedroom. Their other spare room is know as the girls' room and is where my nieces sleep when they visit; I'm not sure where my brother's room is, why he doesn't have one or how he feels about that!