Water and a lot of plumbing

The stand-in kitchen fitter connected the water this afternoon. However when I looked at it my first question was "how do the bins go in there then?" Infact the same question I'd asked the installation manager when he came for the first fix sign off. He reassured me and said that Peter would work it out, only thing is Richard was here...

This is how the cupboard under the sink ended up looking:

Now that looks like a lot of plumbing to me and I can't easily see how two 48cm x25cm bins will fit, but we'll see...

My first mini-melt down was when Richard suggested I put the washer on for a short spin. I have no idea how to turn the new washing machine on, let alone a short spin. With only the instruction booklet for the hob (yes, I know that wouldn't help) the frustration showed. I'm not normally on such a short fuse but right now I am. 

The second mini-melt down was when Richard said he didn't know about the bins... Surely that's what the plans are for, let alone me saying that the bins were in the conservatory. 

The third came when we were told our tap no longer extended as some parts were missing. Parts we'd never seen, let alone knew where they would be. Arghhh!

MOH stepped in to speak to him while I phoned the office, the shocked receptionist found someone to call me back when I said it wasn't alright for someone to call in the morning! I know it was small things, but right now it's lots of small things that feel like they are snowballing into big things. 

Today's discoveries:
  • a lot of plumbing probably means no bins, or re-doing some plumbing (guess which I prefer!),
  • our study window sill was completely rotten and no amount of filler would fix it, which meant a pool of water on the newly sanded and varnished study floor,
  • it's never good to try and fix windows in pouring rain (thankfully not discovered first-hand),
  • working on the first floor on a windy day means a lot of walking up and down the stairs to let the builders back in when the door blows shut,
  • doing all this up and down the stairs and answering the builder's many questions means working from home wasn't as effective as it could be,
  • flights to Barbados are expensive,
  • shuffling sideways through a jam-packed conservatory doesn't cut it as a food prep area, and trying to cook tea (really just reheating food) is too ambitious,
  • when they cry in house renovating type programmes on the TV, it's probably not "put on" at all. It's most likely incredibly heartfelt and comes from a sense of hopelessness and helplessness,
  • I'm less excited than I thought I would be about getting water in the kitchen again. This could be bin or tap-related or due to the fact that MOH has wrapped everything back up in foam underlay so it's unusable anyway!

MOH must have realised today had been bad or would get worse, and the text that said "bring kitchen rolls and chocolate. Both needed urgently" probably gave him a clue!