We've sold our wardrobes now too!

eBay is a wonderful place!  MOH advertised these on Monday evening, I'd forgotten to ask until this morning if anyone was watching them. I found them this morning and tweeted that we were selling. Then this afternoon I heard they too had gone for the "Buy it now" price. Clearly I'm taking all the credit!

They are still lovely wardrobes, we're changing them for floor-to-ceiling built-in wardrobes. MOH had them for a short while before we moved into this house, nearly eleven years ago, so they've lasted well!

MOH helpfully included some pictures of the interiors. However I'm less pleased they show all my clothes, bags and shoes crammed in! 

At least I'll have more space in the new wardrobe!

Eek! The seller was prompt to PayPal (that's a good thing) but they asked if they could collect this weekend. There's no reason why they can't. Apart from the wardrobes are still full of stuff (that we have nowhere else to put) and they still need dismantling. 

We should be able to do it, I think. But we also have to pack up the majority of the kitchen (that may be coming out on Monday, or if not sometime next week), clear the top floor ready for the decorators and the garden needs a bit of attention. I'd also hoped to do some baking to give the kitchen a proper goodbye.  I feel a busy weekend coming up!