A relaxing Bank Holiday Monday

We've achieved things today but without going at them at breakneck pace. MOH has sealed the stone circle, which he's been itching to do before the weather changes as he's fed up of scrubbing the "purple bird poo" from it. He's also done the side of the patio too, that's the part that's most likely to benefit from protection as it has the less amount of sun. 

I've pulled out all of the dead ivy along the side of the patio, it'd been cut and left to die off a month or so ago so came off easily. I didn't get to trimming the holly bush but I did add some edging where the flower beds meet the patio:

This should stop the earth running onto the new patio every time it's watered or it rains. I used the edging that had been dug out of her when the new patio was laid so it looks as if it fits in. I've added some of the slate too - we have loads - to match the other edge, nearest the house. 

Despite being planted late, our dahlias have done well, they've gone for height! And are clambering up through the Laburnum tree, they start off a chocolate-y brown and end up this magnificent red:

And today, I finally dusted off my sourdough starter. Hopefully it will be ok - there were signs of life after a stir, but I'm not expecting this to be my best loaf ever, but I am looking forward to and hoping for something edible!  

Saturday was a bit of a write off for me as after doings the things we needed to (builders yard, B&Q, Sainsburys, the green grocers and the butchers), I spent the rest of the day on the sofa. I think the "too-many-oats" syndrome was back, not surprising as I've been dependant on muesli for breakfast lately, and before the building work had avoided them for at least a couple of years after developing an intolerance to them. Yes, I know it's unusual, but there you go.