And now I feel bad


It's just been that type of morning. Already. 

Roman, the painter is back. Today he wanted to sand the skirting downstairs and start the conservatory doors. We were less keen with this approach as the study remains unfinished and the wall between two kitchen cupboards that needs to be done before the glass splash back is installed hasn't been started. We'd tried to have this conversation Friday and Saturday, but failed. This morning we spoke to Peter on the phone who explained that skirting was the last job in the room, and that couldn't be done as they were waiting for a delivery of green-blue paint. With this small piece of information we understood (though not how they could get through that much paint!). However, it's looking hopeful for today. Well for the study anyway. 

Next up was a new guy, one we'd not seen before and we weren't sure where he fitted in. He'd been sent by Clyde he told us, which meant working on the stairs. His first question was "did we have alternate access upstairs as he was removing the remaining treads?"  Err, how many houses in the UK have two staircases??! We told him he wasn't removing anymore treads, next we hear him on the phone asking for a spanner, still looking at the remaining treads. He was on the phone to Clyde so after a conversation where we asked what was going on and were told "sanding is an easy job". That maybe so but in the short time that conversation took he was laying put tarpaulin in our living room. There was no way he was sanding anything there, or on the new patio. Easy job or not. On the phone Clyde said he didn't have to work there today if we weren't happy, so in a quick eyebrow conversation with MOH this guy was sent on his way. 

I know it was the right decision for us, our peace of mind and our house, but now I feel (a little) bad...

But it was still the right thing to do for us.