I'm loving these pigeon shelves

Aren't they fab?

I am noticing a theme from my last few posts, all seem to have an order slant to them!  However, not only are these shelves gorgeous, they may also fit into our tiny porch (the unit's size is 70cm wide x 20cm deep x 61cm high) which makes this very exciting!

August's Ideal Home magazine has an offer for these shelves (see here) available in four neutral colours, however on the Dormy House site I've discovered these are available unpainted too, which makes it much more exciting...

I can see the days of our existing porch unit are numbered!

Update: I've worked out that we can get two of these in our porch, having them both wall hanging one on top of each other, but high enough to get some recycling boxes underneath. Now it's just a matter of when...  And the current porch unit has had a reprieve, it's bound for the shed with the pine unit making way for it.