Stairs and sofas

On Monday we set the builders a deadline to have at least one flight of stairs operational as my parents  were visiting for the weekend. Friday night when we got home from work it wasn't obvious if they would meet that deadline. They did and left us around 8:50pm. So it's been a novelty for MOH and I to go up (and down) one step at a time!

MOH and I also spent some time yesterday morning getting both bedrooms ready, as well as the living room. It's amazing how quickly you can make the house look semi-normal if you put your mind to it. And how tiring it is too. For the first time last night, since early July we were able to sit on sofas, in our living room. Like normal people. Which was nice. 

As part of the getting readiness I'd ironed the new tablecloth - so we could use the table without seeing the decorator-inflicted scratches - but somewhere along the line forgot to dig out the dining room chairs! Ah well, the small wrought iron table in the conservatory made do...

We have been truly spoilt this weekend with stairs, sofas and an almost normal house, now to enjoy it while it lasts!