Temperatures of 30 degrees are back

This is a good thing. Not only because it's warmer but because it means we can use the patio this evening, instead of camping out eating dinner in our bedroom. It also means we can use the barbecue instead of eating out or having a take-away (both of which are becoming a chore) and have something more home-cooked than anything we could microwave. 

The small problem is that to get anything out of the freezer to put on the barbecue I need to dig my way in...

Mission is relatively easily accomplished as Tobias the floor sander arrived just at the right time to move the heaviest part of the radiator cover. I've become a dab hand at moving the sofas (the two-seater is stacked on top of the three-seater) using various parts of my body!

Bring on the barbecue! (Well later on)