The dust has finally got to us...

Both of us. Today our decorators told us they would be finished and that the foreman would be here at 8am tomorrow to check the work with us. We think they have a different definition of finished to ours. That's the politest thing we can say. The boss was here this morning and the majority of things we showed him have not been done. To prepare for this "inspection" I've looked at the work undertaken and have a fifty point list, that's just shocking for people claiming to be professional decorators. 

And tonight we've spent another hour (on top of the hour last night and at the weekends) cleaning up the dust and mess. Both of these have made it a deal breaker for us. We don't think it's on that after a day of work we spend until 8:30pm cleaning before we can even think about getting anything to eat. 

That means tomorrow we're likely - or rather I am - to have the conversation no one wants to have with their decorators. From previous emails they can't be shocked by what will be coming, but I expect they will be. It also means negotiating a fair price for the work that's actually been done. 

Today was the day that broke the camels back. Great.  We like to think of ourselves as fairly easy going, but five weeks of this has pushed us to our limit. We've tried different approaches too, including managing them more closely but nothing so far has made it better for us or produced a finish we are pleased with. 

Wish me luck.