Visiting the Ikea playground.

Just before 7pm this evening we set off for Ikea in Croydon. We were in search of two Billys for the study. While we were there we thought we'd check out the Pax wardrobes, the Komplement shoe tree inserts and the Expedit storage units. All checked out we went to pick up the Billys having made a note of where we could find them - aisle 44. 

Typically aisle 44 was at the furthest end of the store!  Billys located and loaded onto the trolley, off we went to pay. That went ok and we were outside, I went off to get the car and took it back to the loading area. I have a lovely little Clio, there were two of us and two two metre Billys. 

The front seat was wound back, then we realised the back seat would need to be folded down, so up went the front seat, down went the single rear seat and in went one of the boxes, almost. It didn't quite work so out it came again. Next we decided the single back seat should go up and the double back seat should go down.   That meant the front seat going up, the single seat going up, the double seat going down and the front seat going down but leaving enough room for MOH to sit. Sorted. In went one Billy. In went the second Billy. In went MOH. I was in and we were off. 

It was gone ten by the time we'd done all this. We picked up a curry on the way home, bumping into an old netball friend of mine and a darts partner of MOHs. Now we've had that and a couple of beakers of wine and are ready for tomorrow. Builders at 8am followed by the second part of the Ikea puzzle (aka putting together flat-pack furniture!)

It took our mind off the recently discovered scratch damage to the radiator in the Study, that's now to take up with the decorators in the morning. (For info, in case you hadn't already guessed we won't be recommending these decorators or giving them good feedback. Right now we're working out how much more we can take. Literally).  

PS just remembered. Ikea was like a playground, so many kids there. Sorry, so many out of control kids there running around. Totally unexpected.