Wallpaper surprise

A surprise because we came home to one of the walls papered. 

A surprise because the agreement was that wallpapering would be the last job. 

A surprise because we hadn't re-confirmed this company could actually undertake the wallpapering at all after last Friday. 

Unfortunately not a surprise with the finish. 

There's just the four things (and sadly only four drops have been hung):
1. White lines visible at some of the wallpaper joins
2. The line at the top, and at the skirting
3. The tear above the bathroom door
4. The amount of wallpaper paste on the patterned side. 

It's bad, I know I'm a detail person but I'm not even crying about it tonight. I'm just not surprised by the finish that's been delivered. And that is bad. 

On the plus side, it looks great in the dark. It's only with the light on it looks bad...

Update:  before we left for work on Friday the decorator had arrived and said the papering was not good and would need to come off. This is something, he also said he would replace the roll which was also appreciated. Then the paper was off again. However I'd rather we weren't in this position but we are and the admission and resolve to make it right is appreciated.