Water Study woes

Water is supposed to stay on the outside of your house. 

Repairing your house is supposed to make things better. Not worse. 

After discovering the damage to the Study radiator last night, things got worse this morning. The decorator returned this morning to work on the outside, yesterday it was wet so it hadn't been possible to work out there. He showed us a video he'd taken during one of yesterday's storm downpours which I can only describe as an internal waterfall. Seriously. 

To his credit he had mopped up the water and shown us this at his earliest opportunity. He's Polish so leaving us a note wouldn't have worked. At least he is demonstrating care for our property which the earlier decorator provided hadn't. 

However, we are still in a worse place to which we started. These were the windows that were completely out and on the scaffolding while repairs took place to the sill and frame only on Tuesday this week. That can't be a coincidence. 

We had had a leak in that room but not like that, the lack of water damage will testify to that. Bang goes the plan to move things back into the Study this weekend then. Not with the window and the radiator needing work. Another call to the boss today then, I am seriously beginning to restrict the work we undertake with this company. My dilemma though, is when to broach this - luckily we haven't paid for any work yet, so have a strong hand. 

We've books stored in our shed and today is now likely to mean moving them back into the house as now that the weather is more changeable they are at risk of becoming a little damp. Not sure if that will make them more or less attractive as bedding...