Week 8 of decorating

Yes, the 3 week job is still going. And I'm right, royally fed up of it now. I know it will be nice when it's done, but I just want it done!

To give the current decorator his dues, he is better than the rest so far but there are still odd things that niggle. Mainly involving the use of our bedroom and the spare bedroom on the middle floor. There is no need to go into these rooms, the doors are shut for a purpose and that's to keep the dust (and builders) out. Grrrr. 

Today should see the outside of the house completed. When the scaffold came down last week, it left marks at each level where the boards and poles were against the house. So now the decorator is working off a ladder to repair these. Which begs the question, why is it ok now to work off a ladder?  The other thing the scaffold coming down showed was the first decorators decided to paint the front of the capping stones. These weren't painted before so I'm a bit peeved they made this decision without any consultation. There's not much we can do about this now, and they'll always need to be painted. Thanks for that.  Grrrr #2. 

We're of to Farrow & Ball in a moment to order the two replacement rolls of wallpaper that are needed. This was from the earlier wallpapering catastrophe on the middle landing. We're also in the market for a tester pot of "Charleston Grey" which is the background of the wallpaper to avoid another catastrophe on the ground floor:

Monday should be a hive of activity here with the kitchen fitter returning, along with the glass splash back fitter and the French Polisher to repair the damage caused by the first decorators to our dining room table.  I'm here for the morning let's hope it goes to plan...

My other task for the weekend is to find someone that can do the carpentry work needed in our bedroom, reply to the lady decorator and convince MOH that we will be stupid to start any more rooms (two more) with this company as it's just not worth the stress. Wish me luck. 

Update and Grrrrs #3,4 &5:
Grrrr #3 is the decorator tidy up level. I know this won't be anywhere near as high as the level as MOHs. Unfortunately it's not even close to my level, so every time the decorator leaves we spend time cleaning. You have to wonder why they bother. This is related to Grrrr #4, when we came back this morning we discovered the decorator washing his brushes in our brand new sink!  Yes, the one we're not using yet, not impressed. I know brushes have to be washed somewhere but the agreement was, in the bathroom. Not impressed. 

Grrrr #5 is the disappearing dishcloths and kitchen towels we've experienced and a new one today, dusters being replaced as dish cloths. I get you want to tidy up, BUT STOP MIS-USING OUR CLOTHS I AM NOT BUYING THEM FOR YOUR USE.  There I said it. Grrrr. 

And FFS, how many times today are you going to let our internal front door slam?  It's been three times already today and it makes me jump, and the house shudder every time. It happens to us occasionally, but three times. Grrrr #6. 

As you can see, today's not a good day for me so I have taken myself into our bedroom to "sulk" that and be near a power supply for my charging iPad, and contain my grumpiness.  I am not coming out until the coast is clear. MOH now recognises this is the safest move. 

Update 2, the Grrrrs continue:
The coast was clear, MOH was hungry so I emerged. I thought I'd empty the recycling and while I was at it put the lid on the wheelie bin properly. That was a mistake. I found 3 black sacks of decorating rubbish in the recycling bin. Grrrr #7. Two were straight out and dumped unceremoniously on the ground, the third I couldn't lift. This meant it could only be the stones that had been removed from the porch roof. MOH came to help, but the bag had already split. 

I went off to find more black sacks and the dustpan and brush. Grrrr #8. Black sacks, check. Dustpan and brush, nowhere in sight. So we can only assume that has been adopted by the decorator. MOH's response was "you were going to buy a new one anyway!"  Yes, but not for the builders to use, that was only going to be available to us once the house was properly ours again. Now I'll be buying a cheap interim one - and getting them to collect their rubbish, as I'm pretty sure the council won't take it.  We've gained 11p, a multi-coloured "kneeler" and a pen knife though...