A hive of activity

This was the view as I left for work earlier:

There was also another can parked I the street. Today we had the kitchen fitter, the glass splash back fitters and the French Polishers. I recognise that French Polishing isn't a natural trade to have as part of the work we're undertaking but these were here repairing damage to our table (more on that later when I've seen the final results). 

By the time I'd left at lunchtime the table repair work was well underway and everything (and I mean everything) in the front room had been covered by dust sheets, which was refreshing (but should be the norm for anyone carrying out work in someone else's home). I'm looking forward too seeing how it turned out. 

The kitchen fitter had re-plumbed the plumbing, so the in-cupboard bins would fit. This was the work that apparently "might not be possible" - it turned out it was and was done in just over an hour. He also had fitted the replacement side panels to the wall cupboards and to the pull out cupboard and cut that around the pipes. 

The splash back fitters had all the glass in place and were just cleaning off the silicone, having told the kitchen fitter exactly where he should put his boxing in around the pipes (in a helpful way, I should add!). 

The only issue appeared to be getting this many tradesmen in the house, or the same areas of the house and having somewhere for them to park close by. Like all of the other trades people they are very happy to move to let our neighbours in or out and in the main we hope it hasn't been too disruptive and our neighbours understand!