A tidy shed

Today we decided to spend some time tidying the shed and the greenhouse, both of which along with the garden have been severely neglected this summer. MOH can never find anything in the shed and things get put in there "for now" and are never seen again...

We'd moved a couple of pine shelving units out of the study (replacing them with some new Billys) but were unsure what to do with them, so they ended up in the shed. Thinking about it, this was a good move for them and we thought they could be useful there too. These were the units that were left in the house when we moved in, we weren't sure about them then, but it's only now that they're being replaced!

So to get these in there as shelving, almost everything had to come out. The shed is MOH's domain s when he was called from work there really wasn't too much I could do, so the greenhouse got a similar treatment. A couple of hours later we were back customising these units, so they fit in and adding cross-strengtheners to stop them wobbling around!  Previously MOH had resisted adding shelving in the shed, but I'd managed to "sneak" in two tall units, a "caddy" for garden tools and some hanging space. By the time we finished today there were two further units at the back of the shed, a custom space for the ladder and a plan for where the sun loungers, barbecue, gas and fire pit would live over the winter. Bizarrely there was also more space, this in itself I'm considering a major victory as MOH conceded it was better. Yay!

By the time we finished though it was too dark to take any decent photos. (I've a plan for that too but need three D batteries to see if it will work!) Clearly the batteries will go into a light, I've recently bought this one from Lakeland: 2-way LED Lantern.

If it works as well as it says then having one hanging in the shed and the greenhouse will be a good thing. Happy days!