At least Breakfast is getting back to normal

Our decorator left at just gone 5pm yesterday, while I commend his dedication to completing the job it was a bit much for a Saturday as what MOH and I really wanted to do was give the new kitchen units a good clean, starting with hoovering out the dust. With no power that didn't happen, and it didn't happen at 5pm either, so it's on the list of jobs for today. 

I did get to make some bread - sourdough, as it's the easiest bread ever - and put some lamb shanks in for a one-pot wonder meal. Yesterday the weather here was mixed (rain, sun, wind) and there was definitely an autumnal feel so the lamb shanks weren't totally out of place! And anyway, autumn food is my favourite...

What has marked Breakfast getting back to normal for me is starting to use our butter dish again! That and the homemade bread. Although I made a loaf last week I think it'll take a little while for my starter to recover as once again there was a white film on it. When I stirred it, it was active enough and this week's loaf is better than last weeks. I've also adjusted the recipe cooking time as it seems to cook much quicker in my new oven. 

Not everything's back in the kitchen yet, but the kettle and toaster are and are getting plenty of use:

And now the butter dish is back too: 

Yum, freshly made toasted sourdough with lashings of proper butter. No more of that "butter" that spreads straight from the fridge...

[When the kitchen's more together I'll post some pictures, but in the meantime in these photos you can see the new sparkly work top and the glass splash back.  And the very snazzy under-cupboard lights!]