Cleaning weapons of choice

The dust in our living room has been getting me down. The fact that we can see it, feel it and breathe it. We hadn't been sure the end was in sight so were waiting to give it a good clean. 

For the internal door and windows, that time has come and it's become strangely addictive. While MOH is on a work call (he's "on call" this weekend, has been called and had been on that call since around 9am this morning) I decided to get started. Part-way through MOH thoughtfully provided some spray window cleaner, so these have been my cleaning weapons of choice this morning: 

I've made good progress and we can see through the windows now, still some smears to go. But progress is being made. MOH will be very shocked when he reappears!

[PS In the top photo, you can see a glimpse of the new bamboo wallpaper, that went up yesterday.]