Dust-busting Sunday, bread and pot-roast

Small steps again on getting straight after the decorators have left (notice that's left, not finished). Most of the day was spent dusting or "extreme dusting" in the conservatory. The boxes are in a single level now in the conservatory and they're clean, so no more moving things around every time we want to get to something. But boy was there some dust...

I'd wanted to get them unpacked and put away in the kitchen, but after tentatively unwrapping a few items I realised I'd need an empty dishwasher to load to give things a rinse from the newspaper print. So I've left that for another day, unfortunately. MOH and I almost came to blows while cleaning the conservatory though, especially when he insisted on re-cleaning what I'd just cleaned. Grrrr. I decided to let him get on with it and went and sat down, until he noticed...

MOH did get to move the sun loungers off the patio and into the shed in between the rain showers, and the patio table is on the circle already set for winter with its protective cover on. It's surprising how quickly the weather has turned. The BBQ's also away now, it's never had so much use!

We're still on the autumn food - a pot roast today. Topside of beef with onion, carrots, celery, mushrooms and swede.  The sauce was a glass of wine, some beef stock and some tomato purée, seasoning and dried herbs, as well as some fresh rosemary cooked for nearly four hours it was beautifully tender. 

There was enough left too to use both the meat and the veg and sauce pepped up later in the week with pasta. That's the other good thing about one-pot dinners - they usually do more than one meal. Last night's butternut squash is likely to become a butternut squash and red lentil curry-type thing for tea one might this week. 

My sourdough starter seems to have recovered itself which is good news. I think this loaf over-proved though, as soon as it was out of the banneton it adopted a pancake-like form. I'm sure it will still be edible and won't be the worst I've ever made! (Nothing can quite beat the barbecued attempt!). 

We did move some things into the kitchen, although not as much as I wanted to as I discovered MOH had only cleaned half of the cupboards. He thinks I haven't spotted it yet, but I did. The piles of screw dust were a giveaway along with the shelves being unreachable - neither of us can reach to lower the shelf in the corner cupboard so that will go onto the kitchen fitter's list!

I've been nurturing some Aloe Vera plants from my promiscuous mother plant. I'm trying them out here in the new plastic pots - what do you think? I'm not sure about them yet, but will give them a while to settle in, they look a little forlorn right now!

The other must-do job of the weekend was to find some clothes to match the weather. It took until the second suitcase to dig out some work dresses, they're creased but I'm hoping they will drop out while hanging up. I think we've said goodbye to the glorious weather that we've called summer.