How do we always have more stuff to take home?

Every time it happens. Without fail. This time though my parents aren't here so we've really excelled ourselves! Especially as we brought an eight drawer pine set of drawers up for them!  And we've pretty much eaten the food we brought with us, and drunk the wine (although we take the bottles back home so we can recycle them more easily). 

From Dad's garden we're taking back:

- a bag of green tomatoes

- a bag of red tomatoes

- 5 pumpkins and squashes

- 1 marrow

- 7 cooking apples

- a sandwich bag full of sliced runner beans. 

Hmmm, seems that there's my answer right there!

We've been lucky with the weather this week too. I packed for all types of weather but thankfully have just needed to call on shorts, t-shirts and jeans with the occasional need for a fleece...

Let's hope it's as warm back home!  We're heading off soon, thankfully I've got the first episode of Strictly set to record already!


that was a long journey back. We discovered the M11 was shut from the satnav, so we opted to come back on the A10. It wasn't too bad, and we passed some places that before now were just place names. It's amazing though that there's no warning, suddenly you're back in London - bam! - retail parks, urban sprawl and traffic.