It's starting to feel like our living room again

MOH has been ensconced in our Study all day chained to his laptop, mobile and our land line trying to fix whatever problem there is. He emerges briefly shaking his head and his prediction of an all-dayer was right. I have been a good wifey and supplied hot drinks, lunch and a sweet treat while listening to the tinny sound of a mobile on speakerphone and doing various things around the house, while trying not to make too much noise which might disrupt things, or make the tinny sound inaudible. 

These involved the Sunday paper, windows, supervising builders and a couple of loads of washing earlier. Now I've re-hung our living room curtains:

Found, dusted and placed some of our things back onto the bookcase:

But am clearly missing some items. They must be packed away in boxes somewhere, so I'll wait and add those as I find them. I think I may even arrange this unit differently, not sure how yet but I want to try a less traditional, uniform approach - watch this space!