One of those days!

And chilly too! Where has summer gone?! The forecast doesn't look like it's coming back anytime soon either:

Last week I was crowing about wearing a sundress, today I was in my leather jacket! I was planning to work from home, but on Friday my plans had to change so ini went for a 9am meeting with my team. It was always going to be a meeting with some tough messages for them to hear, but we needed to share where we are with the re-evaluation of their roles. It was further complicated by some reporting line changes for my manager, with him temporarily being asked to step down from the leadership team. Bizarrely though, it's the team I've been asked to join to help with their communications, so that will be odd. Manageable, but odd. 

Back at my desk to publish last week's fun (and fun going forward), the new snappily named "this week, next week" report. Before I could finish that, the CIO was at my desk asking me to help compile the report that goes to the top of our organisation, so out came my PDF-maker and we were away! While in the echelons of the organisation, I met one of our new bigwigs and picked up two more pieces of work... One of those needed delivering today too, thankfully the easier one of the two!

So, I didn't end up leaving until around 3pm and immediately before that my BlackBerry battery fell off the side of the cliff of power and was as dead as a dodo. Not so good as my plan was to get a blood test on my way home and use that travel time to catch up on emails. 

Ah well, I got home after having picked up some vegetables for our 5:2 veggie curry for dinner later. And then to log back on, but between the laptop and the wifi, the computer definitely said no! Twenty-five past five and I'm on the phone to the help desk, which results in a reboot for both the laptop and the wifi and everything was fine again. Then MOH was home, sharing the joys of his day and how the rain would prevent an evening cycle ride. In the end he went and I got on with some work. Not much mind you as the Red Cross knocked fundraising, my dad called and then so did MOH's. 

... I gave up and logged off and cooked tea.  I know when I'm beat! (Well eventually I do!)