Red, amber and green veg!

So we're in Norfolk, before we came dad said that his runner beans had been disappointing this year - something that's been echoed by other runner bean growers. So imagine my surprise then when we spied a huge crop of beans waiting to be picked. Dad's only been away less than a week so they must have been waiting for him to go before putting in a growth spurt!  These are all now sliced and most of them are already in the freezer (here!). There's some ready-to-eat in the fridge and we'll eat some and take some of those back with us, along with any more that grow while we're here!

I'll also be taking at least a couple these home too:

There are also masses of tomatoes, these are some of the red ones we picked on our first day here. There's loads of green ones too, so I'll be taking some home as I can feel some chutney and ketchup coming on!

Current recipes in the frame are: