RIP Chessie-girl

Sad news this evening, my parents called ahead of their trip to the States (they go tomorrow for a fortnight) to say they'd taken the decision to have their cat put to sleep this afternoon.  She was eighteen and had been getting poorly for a couple of months. She'd had some white liquid that they'd been trying to get down her too (without much luck) but was still vomiting each time she ate. 

As they were off on their holiday they took the decision as it was clear she wasn't improving, this meant they could be there to say goodbye and that no one had to make this decision for them, or for her to suffer anymore than necessary while they were away. Losing any pet is hard and making that choice is always tough. 

We were off to Norfolk on Saturday to take over cat-sitting duties for a week. Clearly we've been relieved of those specific duties now but we're still going to head up there and have some time at their house while they're away. 

Enjoy drinking the from the great big fountain in the sky Chessie x