So much to do, but where to start?

I know the sage advice will be to start with what's in front of you, but each time I think "oh I'll do that" I get part-way through and then become scuppered by things in boxes!!  Right now, the thing in front of me was the duvet, so that's where we stayed to ponder our plan. 

For example, the plan was to make some chutney... Feeling pleased with myself that I'd sorted an appropriate saucepan, it suddenly hit me that the jam jars were still in boxes... So first to find them and wash them. On the plus side, if I timed it right the dishwasher could double up as sterilising the jars (sadly I haven't yet, but it's a good plan!). 

So, we thought about moving the cleaning paraphernalia back to the cupboard under the sink in the kitchen (it's been temporarily housed under the sink in the bathroom - we don't have a cupboard there so it's been messy and is testing our patience now). However, with the kitchen fitter returning tomorrow we want him to shorten a hose in the kitchen cupboard and check the plumbing on the washing machine, so if we moved this downstairs, we just need to empty the cupboard again...

Starting to unpack the crockery then... But where to put things? We knew the layout in our old kitchen wasn't the most efficient but after nearly three months it was hard to remember exactly what we have. So it started to come out of the boxes, out of the newspaper and it needed washing... Although the kitchen layout is the same, some of the cupboards are smaller, but in places the work top is deeper. Confusing, right? Yes, and frustrating, because what used to work doesn't always now.

Finally, we have some things in cupboards. I'm not sure if the placement works, but right now we just have to try it out and stop pontificating!

Starting from scratch has meant I can indulge my OCD and it all looks very neat. I wonder how long it'll last!

I've been inventive too, in the absence of a rail to hang these on (it's coming apparently) I'm temporarily using a square glass vase for these cooking utensils:

We didn't make much progress on the food front though, mainly because the two larder cupboards aren't yet in their final place. I'm hoping that by tomorrow evening they will be and then we can load them up. I think (hope) this will be easier than trying to work out where to put crockery, storage containers, glasses and utensils...

I've ordered some baskets today to help keep some of the more mundane items, such as lightbulbs, batteries and used plastic bags more orderly - let's hope they arrive soon!  And to reward such industriousness today, I've also ordered some silicone utensils to use in our new saucepans so I can't be accused of scratching them already!  I decided on a mix of bright colours, to mis-match with two mats we already had. We'll end up with utensils and mats in lime green, aqua, hot pink and purple - and I'm looking forward to their arrival too.