Starting to fill up...

Yesterday we emptied more boxes - you wouldn't believe how dust can get into sealed boxes - and it's starting to feel less like we've just moved in now that some of our things are back and furniture is starting to be back in place. 

Here's a photo of the bookcase in the main living room (behind it is the kitchen), I've played with the layout hopefully giving it a more contemporary feel. There's still some gaps, but I can't remember what was there before!  You can see the table is back inthe dining area, seeing it there seems odd as for months now the space has been clear and we've been tricked into thinking there's more space than their actually is!

At the other end of the main living room (so opposite the bookcase above), the DVD unit is back in place and as full as it was before:


It's looking fab against the new wallpaper, now how many more boxes are there to go?!