The excitement is never-ending this evening...

Yes, the final excitement of my evening - I'm excluding upgrading my iPhone to IOS7 and not being able to accept iCloud's terms and conditions - was our first Ocado delivery since something like May!

There's several bottles of wine too (for a change) as our supplies have got low over the summer, but it's here. I made full use of their promise to deliver it to your kitchen too. That meant I could look out the random substitutions they make. Red lentils for Puy lentils...  Persil and Fairy washing capsules instead of Arial... And only managing to send 80 of the 240 tea bags I ordered.  Sorting through the shopping while the Ocado-man was here is clearly the best option, as that meant I found the bag of spelt flour that had come unstitched in his van too - how did that happen?!

Now just to work out where to put it!