A day off shifting furniture

Last weekend MOH and I spent some time considering the placement of the low height units in our study. They're Ikea Corras units, which are now discontinued so we've scoured eBay for a couple more to add to our collection. We now have five, which as I discovered yesterday fit nicely along the length of the back wall. They also give a nice line and guide your eye along the length of the wall, making the study look larger than it is - always a bonus!

You'll see that our study is in the roof space so we have to contend with the sloping wall. Previously we had pine bookcases along this wall from floor to ceiling but decided not to put these back as they took up too much of the floor space, left wasted space behind them and made the room feel small. We've put a couple of Ikea Billy bookcases on the wall opposite this and that works better for us, especially as there's a straight wall!

We also have an antique desk in the room, which MOH uses when he's on call for work. Up until yesterday there was a different rug in the room, under the desk. It was a larger rug and gave the complication of going underneath the low height units, which meant the nice continuous line was distorted. That meant we had to think again. 

Yesterday I swapped the rugs over, not as simple as it sounds!  The rug I wanted to move to under the desk had a ten-drawer pine unit on top of it, so some manhandling of furniture was needed. But I got there and it fitted perfectly:

Having moved the pine drawer unit that was on the rug for the study I decided to keep on going. It was on our top landing and preventing us getting that straight (well a bit straighter anyway!). That meant moving the antique side table from its top bedroom storage place and finding the rug for the landing. That rug was in our bedroom in the patchwork of rugs we'd put down when we threw our carpet in the skip. And of course, it was the one under the washing basket and the suitcases...

It's now retrieved and in place alongside the side table. Phew!  We are getting straighter, but in a way that prepares us for phase 2 of the work. Phase 2 is a grand name for decorating the middle floor; we weren't due to be having a phase 2 as the original decorators were due to do the whole house. However, as we've been unimpressed with the quality and speed of their work (back in July they said three weeks for all the works and it's still not done!) we are dispensing of their services and starting with another, more carefully chosen decorator. 

But that's enough about phase 2 as that still needs planning and I'm struggling to summon the mental energy to deal with that!  It does mean we're not unpacking everything and are moving items and boxes from the middle spare room... to the study and to planding!

Meanwhile though, here's a picture without boxes!