An industrious Saturday afternoon

After a slow start and seeing MOH off to work (yes, on a Saturday) I decided it was about time I should do something with the tomatoes, apples and pumpkin from our last Norfolk trip. I have very few green tomatoes now, so a green tomato chilli ketchup was out. Instead I decided on a tomato, apple and chilli chutney:

Since we've got the new induction hob I've given away my usual chutney-making saucepan, so it was down to the largest Le Crueset saucepan; it was frustrating at first as my herbs and spices haven't been unpacked, cleaned and sorted into their new home yet but I got there. I was temporarily floored by the lack of string to tie the muslin bag, but in the end is improvised and tied in a knotted hanky style! (I still haven't found the string!) It was a tight fit to start with but after an hour or so this is how it looked:

Almost ready for the sterilised jars:

Being restricted on using metal utensils with the new saucepans (for fear of scratching them) getting the chutney into jars was a tad messy. I started off with the ladle, then alternated between that and the silicone "wooden" spoon. I think a ladle with a pouring spout could be a good investment, after a couple of scalded fingers later!  But I got there and now have six varying size jars ready to be labelled:

Partway through I started on tea. As MOH was still at work, the plan was to have something that wasn't time dependant and wouldn't spoil. As we went out and ate steak last night a pumpkin and bean stew was on the menu:

To the onion, garlic, pumpkin, spices and tinned tomatoes I first added butter beans:

And then a tin of flageolet beans:

However I ended up eating cheese and biscuits as it's gone 10pm already and MOH still isn't back from work. That means it won't have gone well - he works in IT - and while he'll be hungry he probably won't want this, so I've tea for tomorrow (and some freezer dinners) ready already!

I've also got three-quarters of the pumpkin left, the plan is to make some pumpkin chutney - maybe tomorrow, maybe at the end of the week when I have some time off work.