An old-style Saturday

Today I'm having a retro-Saturday. For many, many years my Saturdays included netball - I played regularly (so pretty much every Saturday between September and March) since I was nineteen. I stopped playing last season, apart from the odd game here and there, mostly because I was no longer enjoying it - I suspect now that this was down to my misbehaving T3 and T4 levels. 

Anyway, my old team which I still have links to were short of players this week and asked could I help out. Apparently being out of practice and unfit didn't matter so down my name went on the teamsheet!  When that came out I discovered another two of my old-time netballing buddies had also been "coerced" although one will be umpiring while her teenage daughter takes to the court! So we have a retro team out today too! 

I've still to unpack my sports kit, but thankfully I know where it all is. This is another of those timely reminders that I should get out and do more, although I expect this one to leave me short of puff and red in the face! I love netball, it's a great team game but I've a feeling I won't necessarily be loving every minute of the sixty minutes of today's match!  Wish me luck!
To add to the retro-ness of the day, after a cup of tea (hopefully) or orange squash (more likely) and a catch up with everyone, reflections on the game I'll then be dashing off to do some shopping (yes still in netball kit) in Ikea and food shopping on the way home! No doubt that will be followed obviously by a shower, but also a quick collapse on the sofa. MOH wanting to "do something", me wanting another cup of tea and something to eat. Somehow on netball days, eating is hard to fit in - the start time for today's match is 11:45am, so you'll see what I mean. A sixty minute match, takes at least seventy-five minutes to play, sometimes ninety, taking us through to 1:15pm. I normally manage something though!