Attention seeking Dahlias!

Looking out of our conservatory this morning we had a timely reminder to "pack up" the garden now that the weather is taking a chillier and wetter turn. 

These dahlias appear to be growing horizontally as if to get our attention! And to remind us they're still there!

It chucked it down around 8am and MOH was despondent as he wanted to get back into his Sunday morning cycle routine. Well after a cup of tea in bed, the rain had stopped and he was off. So I set about baking bread for breakfast and tackling the horizontal dahlias. They're upright again and looking pretty in a milk bottle vase on our table:

That's the our new wallpaper in the background, the one we've used throughout the house to tie everything together (it will also at the bottom of the stairs and is alreadyon both landings). We love it, but in all of the places we had pictures and photos on the walls that we haven't put back up yet as we like looking at the wallpaper so much!  One day soon we will brave it!

While I was out in the garden it was good to see the fuchsias were also out - although the weather is turning, it's still mild for mid-October. I did move the coconut wind chimes and noticed the string was fraying and would need replacing before long...  Famous last words, no sooner had I hung it in the greenhouse than it fell on the floor. The string's now replaced!

I cut some fuchsia stems too, these look both wilder and delicate at the same time. It's great to have flowers indoors, and all the better for having come straight from our garden. (Mental note: if/when my allotment is a reality then I really must have a cutting garden!)

This is the view from further back, the wallpaper will also be where that paint splodge is: 

We're holding off having that done as there still needs some carrying of materials up and down the spiral stairs and knowing our luck the wallpaper will get scraped!