Best laid plans, but I was still late for Jamie's Italian

Tonight I met up with two of my good friends, a date which had been in the diary for ages and one I was looking forward to. I don't get to see these girls much, but when I do it's the type of friendship that just picks up as we fill each other in on what's happening in our lives right now, the past six months or so and our hopes and plans for the next six months!

I even left work at 4pm. Or that was the plan anyway - I was ten minutes late and tearful when I arrived after some unexpected, shockingly, sad news about a former work colleague. But being great friends they didn't mind, but better than that they listened to my sad news, hugged me and helped as we made plans on exactly where to go. I'm still sad by the news, but what a timely reminder of great friendship, thanks girls x. 

It was also enlightening to hear about their lives now - we all met through working and playing netball for the same City institution. They're no longer there, but I am although I no longer regularly play netball though I am playing tomorrow - eek! One has three children under ten and works part-time (mostly 8am-1pm) in the City and the other two children at/approaching secondary school and does an afternoon in the school office but wants to do two days a week, if the opportunity arose. Me? As I said I'm still working where we met, often doing a 40-45 hour week. I love my job, it's busy and frustrating at times but these two sound just as busy, but a lot less frustrated. Their busyness is different, tennis on Fridays, personal training on Mondays and so on, and while I may be slightly envious and in awe of their lives, it was another timely reminder that life is what we make it and we need to make it what we want it to be. That's quite deep and profound but it's definitely given me some food for thought. I can't promise that I'll change my life drastically, but I'll be looking out for the small changes that I can make as well as looking for the resolve to stick at them. 

After some chat and Sauvignon Blanc, we headed for our dinner reservation at Jamie's Italian in Threadneedle Street. A beautiful setting, no doubt a banking hall in a previous life:

The food and service were good too, I'd go back again. It was busy by the time we left - it was Friday after all - and the place had a good feel to it. Well done Jamie, another hit. And thank you again girls, a timely reminder of great friendship just when I needed it. I can't thank you enough.