Family lunch

So, my third meal "out" in five days... This time a family lunch in honour of my eldest niece's twentieth birthday. The impromptu invite came last weekend and prompted some last minute(ish) shopping research, including questions on the colour of her new bedroom (they moved house in May).  Cream and duck egg was the answer. 

It was a great answer as that meant this worked:


Much of my communication with niece #1 is by Twitter. She's just back from a second summer at Camp America, finishing this year's camp with a Roadtrip across the country - lucky girl. Anyway, I told her to expect a delivery...

It arrived last Thursday, the day before her birthday (what a clever Auntie I am!):

I'm sure everything for lunch is under control, despite this Facebook post:

I'm reading that as the cook has a hangover, not the nine she's cooking for! 

Lunch was good - roast gammon, roast chicken and all the trimmings, followed by cheesecake and a small slice of banoffee pie!  And it was great to get everyone together in what turned out to be a pre-runner to our family Christmas (although we'll be in a different location).  There were many stories shared from recent travels to the US, although my mum is suffering with her hearing following the flight so we've spent the afternoon shouting when she can't hear us. And jumping when she speaks at a louder volume than normal!

Families, hey!