Ikea on a Saturday, I must be mad...

As I was over in Shirley anyway, it made sense to go to Ikea in Croydon - that's what I kept telling myself anyway. I needed to get my niece a picture frame for her picture which was delivered to her earlier in the week. But clearly that wasn't all I bought!

The car park was mad, but I found a slot after a couple of detours around the car park. Into Ikea and straight into the marketplace. Then I remembered I wanted some kitchen cupboard "stackers" but I wasn't turning back. 

I got the frame I wanted, but also picked up:
 - a pack of straws,
 - two sets of linen tea towels
 - a variety of black picture frames, in a variety of sizes. 13 of them it seems...
 - a red fleecy type throw, which we'll use on our sofa instead of an old sheet!
 - some napkins
 - some wrapping paper (for the niece's present)
 - a set of plastic bowls with lids, which the plan is to use the lid as a protector base for our kitchen roll holder,
 - a dustpan and brush, oh and 
 - a cylinder vase that's about 60cm tall (I'd been coveting one of these for many years, but didn't know Ikea sold one!)

That's it...!

Next time I'm in the area though, I will seriously need to consider if I go in or not!