Leaning fences

Overnight some weather to rival the Great Storm of 1987 was forecast. There was no telling if this was an attempt to avoid another Micheal Fish "moment", hype or something that may actually happen. The train companies were taking it seriously and many cancelled their Monday morning services on Sunday night...

We woke this morning and although we'd heard rain in the night, all seemed well. I have the day off anyway and MOH set out for a bus as usual. He phoned to say many other people were using the buses this morning (his words were "millions" but I suspect it just felt like that!) and he stood little chance of getting on the crowded buses at his usual stop, so he was heading towards Greenwich and the DLR. There were reports that Greenwich Park was shut, which meant his walk just got longer!  He got to work just before 10am having left here just before 8:30am (usually he'd be in by 9am). 

On closer inspection, by that I mean by looking out of the conservatory it was clear there was some fence damage:

The fence is just about still standing, no doubt helped by the ivy acting as an anchor!  MOH hadn't spotted this before he left though! The panel that's most affected already had some fox damage at the base with a couple of slats missing, so it's not the end of the world as we'd already been wondering about replacing them. I'd contemplated thinning out the ivy too, as tbh it's a bit of a nuisance but hadn't gotten around to it with everything else that's been going on. It's probably just as well as I think it could have really gone without the ivy. 

From above (aka the view from the study window) you can see it's just a bit mis-shapen:

And the view from ground level:

So it could have been much worse. At the rear of the garden, the fence with our neighbour on the other side is also on the lean:

Again, it's not a surprise as when this panel was mended a year or so ago they chose not to add a wooden fence post alongside the concrete post you can see in the photo. That meant the panel didn't get a good fixing; it also meant the panel was twisting slightly, which can't be good for it or do anything for its strength in strong winds. We'll be recommending including a fence post this time round!

Apart from these fence panels, that seems to be it. A quick check of roof tiles, front and back and none seem to be down or slipped; the side's unchecked but I'm hoping they've escaped unscathed. 

We've been unlucky with the fence panels, but way luckier than some...