Photo-journal: Coleton Fishacre, Devon

On Saturday we decided to visit another National Trust property. This time it was

Coleton Fishacre

, where MOHs aunt volunteers. It was originally the D'Oyly Carte family and is a 1920s house. There's a lovely story about the family sailing past in their boat, seeing the lovely spot and decoding to build their country retreat there. Similar to today then?!!

The house now nestles into the valley. What forethought they had when they planned the garden:

I loved the courtyard. We were lucky enough to join a free garden tour and on this we discovered the turning circle just matched that of their Bentley!

There's also some great Arts and Crafts features; the size of the tiles are smaller at the top of the roof, and the weathervane. 

Beautiful gardens too, and with the different "rooms" that we hear garden designers speak about so often. But for most in our modern sized gardens "rooms" just aren't options!

A flowering Yucca (we have one of these, and ours flowered this year too)

These bumps in the distance are ant hills; the gardener said this would be the last place he'd choose for a picnic, however it's an area that's often used by families to eat their lunch!

And what a view, of course you'd want to build your country residence to frame this. 

Oh, and hydrangeas. I love them, so here's a photo or two...

There was also a great shop here, and these are two of the things that caught my eye:

We finished with the obligatory cake, this time a cream tea which was preceded by the highly recommended crab sandwich!

We also decided to join the National Trust; they refunded our entry fee from today so that was useful. At £92 for two people for a years membership seemed to make sense. I've since discovered they have an app, often car parking is free where they have land and they have partnerships in London for other places too. So much more for us to explore!  

Although MOH now says we are now officially old!