Photo-journal: Lytes Cary Manor, Somerset

On the way to Devon we decided against stopping at a service station and instead chose to stop at one of the National Trust properties. This one - Lytes Cary Manor - is just a mile off the A303 and was about an hour away from our final destination. 

The weather was dry when we arrived, but was looking decidedly dodgy in the distance so we chose to wander around the gardens before going into the house. This turned out to be a good call as while we were inside the house the rain started. It meant we didn't get to see the allotments, but there's always another time!

The garden had paths around it to lead you through the various garden "rooms" these are the steps that led to the upper walk:

It was a great garden and beautifully kept with lots of benches and "resting" spots around the garden:

In the orchard there was an old-fashioned medlar tree and quinces. I was hoping there might be some of the fruit in the shop, but sadly not. 

I loved the structure these seed heads brought to the flower beds, I bet the wildlife are loving them just as much:

The anemones were stunning. The one below is similar to the plants I bought earlier in the year, hopefully they'll do as well in our garden. 

This is the manor house, it's Great Hall is quite small but would be a great space for parties!

The Topiary garden:

And finally a piece of cake the size of a dinner plate!