I love pumpkin. Which is useful at this time of year. Especially when my dad grows them. I've one on the go at the moment and another four to use. They're of varying shapes and sizes and it's nice to experiment with different recipes.

My absolute favourite pumpkin dinner is roast pumpkin with brown rice and some tomato chilli ketchup on the side. It's quite a plain dinner, but quite a virtuous one too!

I seem to be collecting pumpkin recipes to try - among them are pumpkin scones from Our Vintage Home Love blog and pumpkin chutney, as well as wondering, but not yet Google-ing or being presented with a pumpkin bread recipe! However, I'm surprised and a tad disappointed that many of the recipes call for tinned pumpkin purée. There's nothing wrong with tinned pumpkin purée I should add, it's just that I have so much of the fresh stuff around that it'd be nicer - and healthier, probably - to use that. Imagine my glee then when I discovered this recipe: How to make pumpkin purée from Chef in You's blog.

My dad also grows marrows, we've two of these left so far. Usually these are good for chutneys and of course for stuffing. I've also made jam out of them before alongside some ginger, not sure quite what I'll use these for yet...

What's your favourite pumpkin or marrow recipe?