Saying goodbye to a dear former work colleague

Today I headed off to a funeral of a former work colleague; we hadn't worked together for many years but we both remained in the same organisation and both of us had links through the Sports Club. I'm finding that I'm going to too many funerals these days, especially for people in my generation. In fact that was commented on often today with friends saying we should stop meeting like this. I entirely agree...

As funerals go, it was good; it was a nice service - although the priest got the dates very wrong in his address, which many of us picked up on afterwards and there were plenty of memories to make us all smile! There was a large turnout which I hope his family found comforting, rather than overwhelming. And there were faces I worked with in the early eighties who also came to show their respects as well as the many footballers, cricketers and golfers current and past. 

It was strange for me, as it was the first funeral I'd attended on my own. I knew a lot of people there so I didn't find going alone daunting, just a little strange. And a little grown up. 

And btw I have purposely chosen to categorise this as "Life" as this was a man who lived his life to the full, for that I salute him!  RIP Plug.