Slow (joint) progress

MOH wanted to get some stuff done this weekend; I suspect like me he's finding living in the state we are trying (to say the least!). I don't think there is one room in our house right now that either of us would say is straight. 

We decided (or rather I did) to start at the top; mainly because that's where I needed his input most.  That and sorting through the books in the spare room. We started by sorting through and emptying a small pine drawer unit that's been in the study since, well since we've been here, the units were here in the study when we moved in. There were two, but one was recently delivered to Norfolk; the contents of this one was sorted carefully to start with and organised and then latterly just chucked into storage bags by yours truly in an attempt to just get it done quickly!  

Today we started on the remaining drawer unit; we took half each. Both of us rediscovered things that prompted memories but both of us took a different approach. I was vaguely aware of what I was sorting through but was leaving the fine sort for when we unpacked as then I'd have somewhere to put things. MOH took the opposite approach and did the fine sort now. I managed to get through my half of the drawers, the contents of the other unit which was in paper carrier bags and two divan drawers. And still MOH was on the fine sort!  I was surprised to learn that even our approach to sorting through things was this different!

Anyway, unit emptied (finally) MOH was all for giving up and doing something else - he has a lower boredom threshold than me which is strange really as he likes to do things in more detail naturally. Next up it was sorting out where the rug in the study should move to, in practical terms. That involved MOH sitting at the desk and then rejigging the layout so that both chair and desk remained on the rug.  With that in place that left a new dilemma; only one castor (of four) of the fourth Corras unit was on the rug - that meant there wasn't the smooth, consistent line and more importantly it wobbled. I quickly retrieved three magazines (Gardeners World!) that were destined for the recycling to bolster the end unit temporarily. Only then - and we've had many a discussion about the rug that I hate or dislike strongly - did MOH suggest we move the rug. Hooray!  I haven't quite yet seen it out the door, but I'm still hopeful!

MOH was now shocked it was mid-afternoon and thought he was done.

Not so quickly there sunshine! (As his sister would say). 

There was still a pile of paperbacks in the spare bedroom that I needed him to sort through. A few months ago, he made the rash statement that he would "chuck out all his paperbacks" I didn't believe him then and today showed I was right not to! We did end up with a lot of recycling - I threw out my 18th, 21st and 40th birthday cards, along with various leaving office cards and many editions (well bar three) of Gardeners World; some charity shop donations; some small electrical recycling, including some very dated modem connectors which both of us raised a smile to and three bags of paperbacks - the equivalent of one bag remains.  One of my "jobs" for Friday now is to redistribute these to the local charity shop and recycling centres. 

Looking through old memories was fun, and it was fun to do together even though we have a different approach. On Friday I shared with MOH my views on my job and what I hope for the future, near(ish) future if I can wangle it. He thinks it's unrealistic but it's the first time I've had a strong opinion and my view is "if you don't know where you're headin, there's little chance of arriving there."  For me, at the moment anyway it doesn't seem that unrealistic and I'll be doing my hardest to understand if it's possible and then making it happen. I know that's all very vague, but I'll let you know if I pull it off!