Strange commuter habits

This morning I was later than I wanted to be (again) and was due at Allianz in Gracechurch Street at 8:30am for a Financial Sector Internal Communicators networking event - more fun than it sounds, trust me!

Being on the later train meant either changing at London Bridge for Cannon Street or walking from London Bridge. It wasn't raining, I hadn't done it for a while so I chose the latter.  Walking across London Bridge used to be part of my daily commute before I moved to Blackheath, so it didn't feel alien at all. 

It looked a bit busier than this too!

What I did notice though, was how many people were multi-tasking as they crossed the Thames. Many walking with their smartphones in the assumed position. I guess things have moved on from when people used to walk reading their books, though I did spot a kindle in use, a real proper book and some papers being read (some last minute cramming for a meeting I presume for the latter!).

I also heard a girl trying to negotiate a better deal on her phone contract. And snippets of a mother and daughter's conversation which went like this: 
  Daughter: euw! Something just dripped on me...
  Mother: well darling, there is the whole sky above you. 

I couldn't help but smile at the sheer unflappableness of mum! However the strangest thing was definitely the lady I passed who was sewing a button onto her coat as she walked!!!

All this, and all in fifteen short minutes!  I may be tempted to walk over more often!