Team night out at Gow's Restaurant

After a day long meeting yesterday, the team reconvened at Gow's Restaurant on Old Broad Street. I've walked past here many times, but never actually venturing in, I don't know why.

We had drinks upstairs and then went downstairs to the restaurant. It's a seafood restaurant (I didn't know that so it couldn't have swayed my decision not to enter!), last night I had the game terrine with red onion marmalade.  Followed by Seabass Nicoise, which if it was a Masterchef dish would be described as "deconstructed" and then Sticky Toffee pudding with ice cream. 

Would I go again? Probably, if I wanted a quiet restaurant with work colleagues. For me, it wouldn't be a restaurant I'd go to with MOH, though he would love the fact it was a seafood restaurant!  Even though my Seabass was nice, I still don't think fish is something I'd choose in restaurants regularly. It just doesn't do it for me. 

This morning I woke up and could see! Not a miracle, somehow I'd left my contact lenses in. Now believe me it wasn't a heavy night, so I've no idea how this happened. I needed to be in for an 8am meeting, so there was no way I was going to overdo it. So I've no idea how I forgot to remove my lenses - this morning after a quick check to make sure they hadn't fused to my eyes and I was off to work again. I was back early though to make sure I took them out and replaced them with my glasses to give my eyes some proper recovery time...